The mechanical engineering department, develops projects of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), verification and certification energy projects, thermal systems, solar thermal and compressed air systems.


Energy efficiency, energy label, energy sustainability, all terms that begin to be part of our daily lives and which converge at a common point, the preservation of the environment. Inserted always in the spirit of preserving the environment, Acribia takes this concept to your designs, presenting technical solutions that seek to rationalize energy consumption, taking as a starting point the choice of construction, environment-friendly materials ally adequate insulation, culminating in the choice of high performance equipment properly sized for the operating conditions.


Important to ensure the comfort in buildings, not only by temperature and humidity control, but also for control of air quality inside the spaces, allowing too the security guarantee through systems for the extraction of gases and smoke in case of fire. Normally AVAC is responsible for higher power consumption in buildings, for that reason has been concern Acribia along its history, the search for solutions and systems integration to ensure high energy efficiency. To this end Acribia gathers a group of specialists with long experience in this technical area, equipped with the most advanced calculation and design tools to ensure the highest quality standards.