The Civil Engineering Department is responsible for all the hydraulics and gas projects, and also for other projects with great impact on the architectural solutions such as are projects of noise behavior and urban solid waste. Is responsible too for other projects necessary to ensure best construction processes, such the security and health plans, and the  Prevention and Management of Construction and Demolition plans.


Water is an indispensable resource to the vast majority of activities and critical to the quality of life of populations, constituting a non-renewable natural resource but also vitally important and essential. But the availability is not equal, either from point of view amount as quality. Not all water consumed is really used, as there an important part is associated to the inefficient use or losses. Step by step begins to appear all over the world a sense of Sustainability that is driving the introduction of new ways of designing buildings and cities, taking again advantage on rainwater, not for human consumption as our ancestors did, but for another use did not requiring potable water use. In this sense the reuse of wash water and domestic effluents is increasingly taking a matter of great importance for ACRIBIA. For the focus of this new realities ACRIBIA got a technical team with a long experience in the development of water projects systems, including capture systems, treatment and distribution for the final customers in suitable conditions for reuse, making the acquisition of new knowledge and new solutions on these areas to bring to its customers more and better solutions.


Belonging to the family of so called fossil fuels, the low price that is in Portugal when compared with other sources of energy, makes it one of the most commonly used in both industry and home. However, their high volatility and toxicity requires the development of rigorous studies to ensure the ideal operating conditions. In ACRIBIA the warranty of a high level quality in this area is founded in a professionals group with specific training and long experience in the field developing projects of medium and low pressure for diverse market areas.


The study of acoustic behaviour results in a significant improvement in the quality and comfort acoustic of the buildings, accompanied by enforcement of existing legislation. The adequacy and accuracy in defining solutions, the compatibility and interconnection with other specialities and the promotion of harmony with the architecture are the contribution of the acoustic study, to privilege the quality of the work construction. The constant growth of the range of solutions and materials to adopt and the answer to the different requests and demands of the buildings reflect the experience of ACRIBIA in this area, favouring the growth of know and the accompaniment of the new techniques and materials to apply.