The department of electrical engineering in Acribia is responsible for electrical projects, telecommunications, insurance against risk of fire, electronic security systems, building management system, elevator systems and energy production, with particular emphasis on photovoltaics.


This is a project that encompasses a set of systems that interact with all other specialties and possess a strong enhancement of the architectural beauty of the building, which it has solutions, secure, user-friendly, energy efficient, cost-optimized and fully framed by the architecture. To achieve these objectives ACRIBIA uses the most advanced design and calculation programs to develop projects of medium and low voltage , indoor and outdoor lighting, emergency networks, systems of energy production through renewable energy sources and still others to ensure the comfort and well-being of users.


In our global village, where communications have an important role, the telecommunications project is the beginning for the concretization of the global village concept. Because this is one area where technological advances occur at the same speed at which we receive information in our homes, ACRIBIA has in the electrical department engineering technicians whose job is follow all the advances in information, technology and communication systems (ICT). In the ACRIBIA history there are countless examples of implementing the ICT systems, applied in a wide range of uses ranging from domestic use untill the Data Centers of some national institutions.


A key Project necessary in the preservation of people and buildings, regarded as the starting point in the geometry definition who will ensure passive security of construction, allowing with her correct implementation a construction cost reduction. Due to their large interaction with the architecture and with others engineering branch, ACRIBIA account with a multidisciplinary team consisting of architects and engineers, which ensure a harmonious combination of solutions which avoids the “collision” with the beauty architectural of construction.