The design of high quality studies, with technical solutions focus in the economic availability of each investment, is the main premise of Acribia Engineering Projects.

The permanent assistance from conception to monitoring of construction, passing through the municipal entities, and the implementation of sustainable solutions for operation and healthy building principles, are part of the range of services that Acribia offers its customers. On the other hand, evaluation of the relationships and trust with customers and suppliers, surpassing the fulfilment of the obligations established, promote the continuous improvement of its products and services.

Developers, architects, private groups and public companies, are part of the group of customers who have an ally in Acribia for the realization of their projects. They count with an experienced, dynamic and always available team, in order to provide added value to their customers, in particular, and to society in general.

The valuation of the Trusts with partnership, customers and suppliers, the continuous development of skills, the promotion of best environmental practices in our sphere of responsibility, such as the promotion of energy efficiency, processing and recycling, and finally the permanent search of work methods and innovative engineering solutions makes Acribia a company reference.